Cancellation/suspension in case of bad weather for Forte Arena performances

Being open-air performances, the risk of bad weather cannot be excluded and is therefore to be accepted by the spectator. In the event of bad weather (rain, wind, hail and similar atmospheric events that make it impossible for the performance to take place) the performance is never cancelled before the scheduled starting time.

Should the performance be cancelled after its commencement, all rights to a refund of the ticket shall lapse.

In the event of adverse weather conditions prior to the opening of the gates of the Arena and in the event that the weather forecasts do not foresee an improvement in these conditions during the course of the evening, or in the event that the cancellation of the performance is reasonably foreseeable, the Forte Arena, in agreement with the Police Officer on site, may decide to delay (and subsequently cancel) the opening of the gates for reasons of public safety.

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