• Date

    12th-13th August 2022

  • Location

    Forte Arena,

    Strada Statale 195, Km 39,

    09010 Pula, Italy

  • Tickets Available

The most famous modern popular opera in the world and one of the most impressive spectacles ever made, this year celebrates the twentieth anniversary of its debut on the Italian scene, which took place for the first time in Italian on March 14, 2002 at the specially built GranTeatro di Roma. for the occasion by the will of David Zard. On the occasion of such an important anniversary, only and exclusively for 2022, the show will feature the entire original cast of the debut, with the great return of Lola Ponce in the role of Esmeralda. Together with her, on stage there will be Giò Di Tonno – Quasimodo, Vittorio Matteucci – Frollo, Leonardo Di Minno – Clopin, Matteo Setti – Gringoire, Graziano Galatone – Febo, Tania Tuccinardi – Fiordaliso.