• Data

    27th July 2024


  • Location

    Forte Arena,

    Strada Statale 195, Km 39,

    09010 Pula, Italy

  • Biglietti disponibili

    Apertura vendite il giorno 11 Aprile, ore 10.00

After the great success of previous editions, PETER PAN – The Musical arrives at the Forte Arena of Santa Margherita di Pula Saturday, July 27, to bring viewers on an exciting journey to the island that is not there!
An exceptional cast composed by Leonardo Cecchi, Giò Di Tonno, Martha Rossi, Martina Attili and Gioacchino Inzirillo, the most famous soundtracks by Edoardo Bennato, infinite special effects and impressive scenery that will transport you immediately into the magic of Peter Pan and Captain Hook!

Do you believe in fairies?

Tickets available boxofficesardegna.it and ticketone.it


  • free ticket for kids under 3 years old (without seat)
  • 50% discount for kids under 10 year old (every ticket price)